In a time of dire news stories spotlighting the global loss of biodiversity and ever increasing impacts of climate change, there is a vibrant, bottom-up conservation movement emerging in all corners of the planet.

Large landscape conservation looks beyond national parks, beyond strict lines on maps between civilization and wilderness, to connect and sustain vast areas where wildlife live and move freely, clean water and other ecological benefits are supplied, working lands support sustainable communities, indigenous cultures thrive, and the places that are special to us and vital to the Earth’s ecology remain healthy for present and future generations.

Large landscape conservation transcends boundaries – crossing political jurisdictions, cultures, socio-economic barriers, and disciplines of knowledge – to safeguard intact, healthy landscapes for the lasting benefit of nature and people the world over.

This tool is managed by the Center for Large Landscape Conservation to shed light on large landscape and seascape conservation efforts around the world – where they are, what they strive for, why they matter, and who is making them happen. It was also created to spark connections –among the people hard at work in these landscapes, promoting shared knowledge and collaborative success, and between these practitioners and those wishing to support or join their efforts. In 2020, the IUCN WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group published IUCN Guidelines for conserving connectivity. To illustrate the diversity of approaches to conserving connectivity, authors from around the world contributed 25 case studies. In 2021, the CCSG Marine Connectivity Working Group published Marine Connectivity Conservation 'Rules of Thumb' for MPA and MPA Network Design, accompanied by 15 supporting case studies. The Globescapes map continues to be updated with new layers to showcase these unique stories.

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